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Inside/Outside: Cellblock Visions Traveling Exhibition at Forbes Library, Northampton

A must see exhibition, “Folk Art and Artifacts: America’s Prison Culture,” a thoughtful presentation of almost 20 art objects assembled from the larger “Cellblock Visions” collection and traveling exhibition program curated and managed by art educator and advocate Phyllis Kornfeld, is on view until Thursday, July 30 at Northampton’s Forbes Library, 20 West Street.

living room project

Lee Mingwei: The Living Room Project at the Gardner Museum

In 1999, Lee Mingwei had his first solo residency at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum putting on what he calls, “the Living Room Project” where a host can bring their collection and give a presentation about it. Now, the Gardner has a room specifically designed as a Living Room for his project and he recently returned to recruit new hosts to show off their collections.


Peter Marcus for the Artscope Podcast Series

On July 23, Alex Bandoni interviewed Peter Marcus for the Artscope Podcast Series. In this episode, (which you can listen to here:, Peter discusses his “The New American Family” exhibition that’s at the Newport Art Museum through August 11 and how the pieces for this exhibit came together. In addition, he explains how his work has changed over the years, his expansive teaching career and where he is headed in regards to his future artistic endeavors.

Donna Dodson, Mama Warthog, 2015, walnut, 20" tall, with William Kendall’s paintings

Donna Dodson: The Chinese Zodiac Series & William Kendall paintings at Colo Colo Gallery

Donna Dodson’s contemporary and characterizing interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac is currently on view at Colo Colo Gallery. “The Chinese Zodiac Series” was installed in collaboration between Dodson and Colo Colo owner and curator Luis Villanueva. While this is her solo exhibition, Villanueva has also installed a series of abstracts by William Kendall that coexist with her sculptures.

Ethan Murrow, Seastead.

Ethan Murrow at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

Being a coastal city, the idea of changing sea levels is a real worry for Boston and many of its harbor side buildings. Ethan Murrow vamped on this as a topic of conversation to accompany his piece for the Art Wall at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Sarah Meyers Brent, Primal Garden, 2015, paint rags, foam, acrylic and mixed media, 131” x 132”

Sarah Meyers Brent, Primal Garden, 2015, paint rags, foam, acrylic and mixed media, 131” x 132”

Sarah Meyers Brent: Salvaged Garden at Kingston Gallery

Sarah Meyers Brent’s “Salvaged Garden” inhabits its own space at Kingston Gallery through August 2. This sectioned off room is more preferable for Brent because she is able to encompass all four walls with paintings and installations. Her installation, “Salvaged Garden,” stretches across one entire wall and the tips of the vines and running paint lines touch the floor. She had sketched a shape of “Salvaged Garden” on the wall before hanging it.

Bear Kirkpatrick, “Ruari Euchroma Gigantica,” 2015.

Bear Kirkpatrick, “Ruari Euchroma Gigantica,” 2015.

Bear Kirkpatrick: The Human Diorama at 555 Gallery

555 Gallery is currently host to a photography exhibit that goes beyond the present to explore the depths of human nature. In “The Human Diorama,” Bear Kirkpatrick, has brought together portraits and other pieces from his many series to show how people interact with — and adapt — to the natural world.“We are all a learned thing — an ever-gathering and ever-adjusting animal,” Kirkpatrick explains in his artist statement. “It is those traits that I use my camera to find, if only for 1/200th of a second. They are the ghosts of presence and memory, the vestigial elements we carry within and about us as invisibly as spirits.”

Middle Kingdom, Melody Mill

Middle Kingdom, Melody Mill

The Isles Arts Initiative

I enjoy sun, but as we ferried from Boston to George’s Island on a sunny Saturday afternoon, on July 11, even with a broad-brimmed hat, I felt like I had over-stayed my welcome on the top deck despite stunning views of Boston’s cityscape. I was onboard for this nautical adventure to take in the Isles Arts Initiative intended to call attention to the Boston Harbor Islands through its summer long public art series on George’s and Spectacle islands.

Discover Quincy

Discover Quincy

The Discover Quincy Pop Up Art Gallery

The corner of Ross and Cliveden is host to a huge graffiti mural that reads, “Quincy for the arts” which is fitting for the building that has been alive with creativity this summer thanks to Discover Quincy.

July/August 2015 Classifieds

Your work could be artscope’s next CENTERFOLD. Your work could be artscope’s next CENTERFOLD. Work by established and emerging artists welcome. For the September / October 2015 issue we will be accepting submissions on costume design. Please send up to three images and your statement with contact information to: no later than August 10, […]